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Introducing Tatkal Enquiry Feature: AAJ HI LOAD KARO

If you want to place your truck today, no problem. If you want to place your truck tomorrow, no problem. With the introduction of TATKAL Enquiry Feature, LoadKaro is empowering businesses to book trucks at the shortest notice. This feature enables a business owner to book trucks for same day or next day loading. TATKAL Enquiry in combination with Normal Enquiry is providing round the clock coverage for truck booking.

How it works?

If a business owner wants to send their load by the end of the day or next day, then they should submit their enquiry as a TATKAL Enquiry. The TATKAL Enquiry option can be seen on the left hand side menu of the page.

TATKAL Enquiry

Once you click the POST TATKAL ENQUIRY tab, a TATKAL enquiry form will open:


Fill out the form in small easy steps and submit yourenquiry.

Some important information/tips about TATKAL ENQUIRY:

1. Business owners can post enquiries at any time of the day.

  • We recommend submitting the enquiry during business hours.
  • This helps you to get maximum number of bids.

2. Bidding on Tatkaal Enquiry will close 2 hours from enquiry posting time.

  • For example, if enquiry is submitted on 11:00 AM then bidding will close on 1:00 PM.
  • Therefore, enquiry submission during early part of the day is beneficial.

3. TATKAL enquiry cannot be edited or deleted after posting

  • Check the details in the form thoroughly before submitting.

4. We request business owners to sign into their account regularly to take maximum advantage.