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Air-conditioned Truck Rentals: A new possibility

TataTruck Rentals

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Is air-conditioned cabins going to make the truck drivers more alert or lethargic? While it is true that truck drivers drive across India in extreme weather conditions, be it rain, snow, scorching heat or bitter cold. Such weathers conditions do take a toll on the driving capability of the driver, but is it the only deterrent? The reason being cited is that it will reduce the number of road accidents by trucks. Wouldn’t it be more prudent on the part of the government to focus on other factors like driving capability of the truck driver, validity of driver’s licence, physical condition of the truck etc.

The onus of providing air-conditioned cabins will fall on the truck/fleet owners. Will they be willing to invest in their trucks for the comfort of the driver? Shouldn’t the government push them to invest in improving the physical condition of their trucks. What would ultimately happen is that the truck owner will pass off the cost to the customer who is hiring the truck, in result increasing the truck rentals. As is with the increase in tolls/pollution tax, the truck rentals have gone up. Business owner/customer is always looking for truck rentals in their budget or at lowest cost. Online logistics company like can help businesses to rent trucks at lowest costs by getting competitive rates from transporters.