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Truck Booking System: A Solution

Truck Booking SystemA solution

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It is high time that people of Delhi/NCR and for that matter people of India wake up to the monster that is pollution. The month of November 2015 brought with it smog that filled the capital city and adjoining areas with dread and doom. Elderly and kids were falling prey to the smog giving rise to respiratory problems across the city.

The Delhi government has taken the inititative to control the menace of pollution by putting curbs on cars. Supreme Court has also imposed bans on sale of diesel SUVs as well entry of trucks not destined for Delhi. This might be bad news for truck agents, truck brockers and truck logistics companies. This would mean that trucks would have to reroute around Delhi, giving a rise to their cost and in result truck rentals. But in interest of our environment and future generations, such actions are mandatory and should be welcomed with open arms.

At such time, a truck booking system like LoadKaro can be used to ensure lowest rates for a truck load. LoadKaro lets a business to post their truck requirements and gets multilple rate bids on the truck load from truck transporters. A truck booking platform can be used to the benefit of the business owner as well as a transporter.