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Government push for compliance to CMV Act

LoadKaro View: Haryana Government has taken a step towards improving the transportation conditions by pressuring the transporters to alter their vehicles in accordance with the CMV Act. The unwillingness of the transporters to do so shows that they are ignorant about the benefits reaped from


Air-conditioned Truck Rentals: A new possibility

LoadKaro View: Is air-conditioned cabins going to make the truck drivers more alert or lethargic? While it is true that truck drivers drive across India in extreme weather conditions, be it rain, snow, scorching heat or bitter cold. Such weathers conditions do take a toll

Truck Booking System

Truck Booking System: A Solution

LoadKaro View: It is high time that people of Delhi/NCR and for that matter people of India wake up to the monster that is pollution. The month of November 2015 brought with it smog that filled the capital city and adjoining areas with dread and

increase in truck rentals

October sees increase in truck rentals

LoadKaro View: October brought early Diwali for truck owners, transporters and brokers with the truck rentals going up by 15-20%. High demand from e-commerce retailers due to online sale was a major factor. The trucks were in demand due to movement of rice and cotton.

Lorry Toll Rates

Cutting down of Lorry Toll Rates

LoadKaro View: For Lorry owners and truck owners plying between Chennai, Hyderabad and Banglore, it is a cause for concern. The rising costs in terms of fuel, spare parts, insurance and now the hike in toll rates have started to squeeze on their margins. The

Truck Overloading

Truck Overloading Crackdown

LoadKaro View: Overloaded trucks and lorries have always been a hazard on the highways of India. It is a common sight to see material truck loads and lorry loads bulging out of the vehicle. Such trucks and lorries are a danger not only to themselves


New toll on Pollution

LoadKaro View: The government of Delhi has yet again attempted to tackle the problem of pollution emitted by passing trucks though Delhi NCR. Trucks and lorries going to neighboring states pass through NCR to avoid paying toll tax. With the introduction of Pollution toll tax,


Trucks Fitness Test: A requirement

LoadKaro View: The pollution level of the trucks is not only important at time of purchase or end of life but all during the years of use. We agree with UN report that poor maintenance of the vehicles is one of the major causes of